Defining CDP Success with 5 Must-have Use-Cases for Enterprises

While Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have evolved rapidly as a marketer-friendly solution to achieve unified customer views and personalization; defining specific use cases & what success with data management would look like, is still tricky. These two factors are, however, central to CDP selection, deployment and activation success.

Viewers will take away fresh, practical perspectives on:
- Must-have use-cases for CDPs in the enterprise context
- What ‘readiness’ to drive success in these scenarios would look like
- What success metrics for these core CDP use-cases would look like

The 5 Must-have use-cases we will discuss are:
1. Single View of the Customer: Putting the ideal into perspective
2. Personalization: Creating cohesive, relevant customer experiences across all customer channels
3. Data Governance / Compliance: To build brand trust and avoid regulatory penalties
4. Data Readiness for ML/AI: Standardizing and making data accessible for ML and AI applications
5. Customer Analytics and Insights: Leveraging a complete set of interaction data for deeper insights

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