The Quadrants: A New Lens for Marketing Strategy

If you’re a marketer in today’s data-driven, technology-obsessed era, you have undoubtedly taken notice of the updated Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic published by Scott Brinker earlier this year. Just as we were all starting to make sense of the 2,000+ vendors included in last year’s graphic, this new one comes along – and it’s 87% bigger. As complex – and overwhelming – as this landscape graphic is, it’s our new reality as marketer and it’s likely only to get even more complex. In today’s interview, we talk with Tealium’s VP Global Solutions, Chris Slovak, about the Quadrants and how they represent the intersection of four strategic marketing pillars: acquisition, engagement, sharing, and nurturing. Just about every marketing technology in the universe can be placed in one of these quadrants, providing a more digestible way to look at core capabilities, overlaps in functionality, and functionality gaps.

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